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The New Yorker
"The ethnomusicologist, composer, and banjo player David Gould leads this Brooklyn-based band through a rousing set of bluegrass, Dixieland, and Western-swing songs in honor of its sophomore album, 'Cutting Time.' Tubas, trombones, violins, and kazoos are promised. Good times are assured."

Dirty Linen
"The Bootleg Remedy is one of those delightful bands that keeps on shifting like a kaleidoscope, refusing to remain in any one particular genre or style . . . All the musicians (14, in various combinations) have excellent technique and work together with precision, fun, and energy."

All Music Guide
The Bootleg Remedy (self-titled)
"By exposing the ragtime roots of both Dixieland jazz and bluegrass, the Bootleg Remedy find the crossroads where Louis Armstrong and Bill Monroe meet. A rambunctiously fun outing similar to the string band recordings of R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders, banjoist/mandolinist/vocalist David Gould leads his band through seven barn burners that sound as if they should be playing in the background of some grainy 1930s children's cartoon. With good-natured banjo, guitar, and tuba laying the foundation for some hot trombone and violin, "Davo's Rag" and "Snake Juice" take familiar-sounding blues progressions and send them off on improvisational side roads with decidedly happy feet. Not content to simply plug into the standard renditions, "Old Salty Dog Blues" is treated to a clattering jug band makeover, just as "Blue Moon of Kentucky" is remade as a nearly unrecognizable dirge until breaking into a shuffling Dixieland street procession. Overall, a set of songs that fly by in just under 25 minutes but establish the Bootleg Remedy as one of the greatest Dixieland/old-timey revivalists of the early 21st century."

Cutting Time
"The second release from New York City's greatest old-timey music revivalists, the Bootleg Remedy continue to wade through the source waters of American music. The brainchild of ethnomusicologist and multi-instrumentalist David Gould, traditional forms are juxtaposed and reinvigorated with a rowdy and rollicking spirit and without a hint of academic pretension. Whether remaking Ralph Stanley's "Love Me Darling Just Tonight" with the unique pairing of a decidedly Western swing-influenced lap steel with a back-porch frailed banjo or presenting Flatt & Scruggs' "Down the Road" as a pre-bluegrass boogie, the Bootleg Remedy are never content to simply revisit the ethos of the past. Providing fun on par with that of the Squirrel Nut Zippers or R. Crumb & the Cheap Suit Serenaders, Gould has an undeniably refined talent for breathing new life into songs written long before he was born and creating new compositions that sound similarly ancient. Having penned five of the album's ten tracks, Gould enlists the help of a large cast of endlessly talented co-conspirators, jumping from old-time jazz balladry to somber rags, klezmer-inspired romps, and Dixieland stomp, occasionally changing from one to the other or mixing elements from each together in a single song. Overall, a mixing pot of country, jazz, blues, and Western swing that boils over gloriously for 45 minutes."

The Village Voice
". . . Covering an eclectic range, from tuba and fiddle to saw, with especially fine lap steel and clarinet. Their sound has been compared to Bill Monroe and Louis Armstrong, but closer in their gutty resolve, I think, are once-removed cousins of the masters, like the Band and the Mekons."

". . . Toe-tapping fun that brings Disneyland parades to NYC watering holes."

Time Out New York
"The CDs feel so homey that you keep waiting for the telltale crackles and pops associated with the old 78s."

New York Press
"Some of the best bluegrass revivalists in America today."


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