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NPR, Second Stage
"…Handsome Like a Lion offers a brief escape from the real world. And without any lyrics to interpret, each song’s setting can be decided upon by the listener. So while the digital pitter-patters of the EP's loveliest song, 'Taken to Antrim,' can conjure up the warmth of a summer picnic, it can just as easily evoke raindrops on an autumn day."

Have You Heard
"Even if you aren’t into instrumental music as much, these songs will keep and hold your interest, especially 'Besos' with its rhythmic acoustic guitars, its simple, yet uplifting drum beats, the soaring lead guitar part…all of the instruments are layered upon each other in perfect harmony. There’s also the heartbreakingly reflective 'She Smiles While She Sleeps' that says so much without, of course, using words. Again, in this song, as on the whole EP all of the instruments compliment each other so well, as Arliss Parker blends the old and the new, acoustic folk music and electronic beats and keyboards. My only complaint is that it was too short, and I was disappointed when it was over. But I guess a good EP will always leave you wanting more. If you like Sigur Ros or El Ten Eleven, you will definitely love Arliss Parker (or if you enjoy thought-provoking music or songs that sound like autumn)."

Side One: Track One
"Over the course of 2008 I've grown rather fond of various styles of instrumental tracks. Before I preferred the long, slow-building epic kind, but now I very much dig tracks like this that offer short bursts of intriguing and well done arrangements. Perhaps it's because they require less effort? I'm not sure, but like I said - I know that the more varieties I come across the more I like. You should remember to get lost in Arliss Parker's Handsome Like A Lion when it's released on November 25."

Viva Indie Rock
"Usually I am not drawn in by all instrumental music, but there is something about the quiet beauty of Arliss Parker's Handome Like A Lion that speaks to me...I don't think I have the words to properly explain the contemplative tone of the music. Listen to the tracks...and see if you don't find yourself lost in thought, wondering how your life got so off track, why you aren't the person you always wanted to be, and what you can do to make your future better."

"The beginning of this debut is what sucks you in. Once you arrive to the heartwarming, 'Besos,' which is Spanish for 'kisses,' it certainly resides to a comforting feeling. Parker chooses to completely avoid vocals of any kind and a certain risk comes with corresponding criticism if not done right. Fortunately, this only allows him to capture the essence of his music and forces him to convey it in a manner that is both captivating and redeemable. With a knack for writing cozy, near-ambient music, Parker has found a certain niche. His roots are definitely in folk music but a discerning ear can spot glowing melodies from a mile away. With Handsome like a Lion, Parker has featured an array of sounds and conversing production that will surely garner some attention."


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