If you're looking to license DAG! music for your film, television or other media project, contact licensing@dagrecords.com with as much of the following information as you know at this point:
   • Artist
   • Song
   • Describe your project
   • Describe the scene and how the music would be used (underscore, etc.)
   • Where do you intend to show your finished product

In most cases we control both the masters and publishing of the recordings, so licensing is pretty straightforward from a legal standpoint.

In addition to licensing, our artists may be open to creating original music for your film, television and digital media projects. Please contact us to discuss.


Inner Banks third album WILD set for release 12 June, 2012.

Folksongs for the Afterlife's 2000 song "This Is The Sound" re-released as digital single.

Sneak peek of third Inner Banks album!: "Sketch."

New Inner Banks album being mixed at The Isokon (Woodstock, NY).

Inner Banks contribute original piece to new Green Thing (UK) podcast.

NPR Feature for Arliss Parker.

BIRDS OF AMERICA film (Matthew Perry, Hilary Swank) features Inner Banks' "Acoustic" and "Buried West."





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