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Press and radio for The Inner Banks and Arliss Parker are handled by Team Clermont: bill@teamclermont.com (press) and shil@teamclermont.com (radio).
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Keep in mind that DAG! releases a very limited number of albums; however, if what you're doing definitely fits what we're doing, drop a note to submissions@dagrecords.com with links to your material and we'll have a listen. If you prefer to mail a physical package, email for our address and tell us more about yourself and your music. Please note, we may not respond to unsolicited submissions.

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Inner Banks third album WILD set for release 12 June, 2012.

Folksongs for the Afterlife's 2000 song "This Is The Sound" re-released as digital single.

Sneak peek of third Inner Banks album!: "Sketch."

New Inner Banks album being mixed at The Isokon (Woodstock, NY).

Inner Banks contribute original piece to new Green Thing (UK) podcast.

NPR Feature for Arliss Parker.

BIRDS OF AMERICA film (Matthew Perry, Hilary Swank) features Inner Banks' "Acoustic" and "Buried West."






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