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Folksongs for the Afterlife formed in 1996 when singer/songwriter/guitarist Caroline Schutz met up with multi-instrumentalist Chris Sizemore and they decided to form a group. Schutz had already been writing music, mostly of an instrumental nature, under the name Folksongs for the Afterlife, but when the two joined together they decided to take the band in a more pop direction. After a couple years of refining their sound, the band released a five-song EP for the U.K. indie label Enraptured. The disc was a mild success and introduced those who heard it to the band's dreamy sound.

Their profile was boosted in 2001 by an appearance on Arena Rock's This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn Based Compilation.
Their track, "Wasting in the Sun," was a highlight of the compilation. Around this time, the band's lineup began to take shape. Along with Schutz and Sizemore, Steve Toole (guitar), Chris Deaner (drums), and David Gould (bass) rounded out the personnel. In 2003, Hidden Agenda released the band's full-length debut, Put Danger Back in Your Life.
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This Is The Sound (Single) – DAG 1201 – Re-Release Date: 14 February 2012 (Originally released 2000)

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Digital-only re-release of Folksongs for the Afterlife's 2000 single. The acclaimed song was featured prominently in the film Spiderbabe (2003) and was included on Enraptured's Audio Wonderland: Bedroom Ambience 3 (2002) compilation.


Put Danger Back In Your Life – DAG 0803 – Release Date: 11 November 2008

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Wrapping traditional acoustic instrumentation within an electro-organic cocoon of samples and solid-state synths, the duo draw an improbable and ultimately irresistible musical throughline that effortlessly connects The Hollies, Massive Attack, My Bloody Valentine and the early 90s dream pop of bands like Lush.


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The Village Voice
They've got one of the best band names and a sound that replicates a feel you'd expect; melancholic-folk at the core augmented with keyboards, electric guitars, and drums. Mid-tempo and rockin' most of the time, their globs and swirls remind me of pre-Loveless My Bloody Valentine. They just may give you a reason to believe in an afterlife...

Other Music
This young band effortlessly drops both buzzing, up-tempo pop and hazy melancholia, and they have created a great album that comes on with little fanfare, and yet delivers far more than expected. A beautiful and satisfying new album that succeeds royally on its own terms.

Mundane Sounds
Put Danger Back In Your Life is an aural treat that will remind you of all the records that you love, and will happily remind you that good music never goes out of style. A beautiful debut from a wonderful band. Don't call Folksongs for the Afterlife a "band to watch," because they're already here.

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Folksongs for the Afterlife's 2000 song "This Is The Sound" re-released as digital single.

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